POSTERS & WALL ART – Everything you need to know.


You don’t really know what you got ’til you got it, huh? It’s crazy how much of a difference adding a few pieces of wall art can make to a space. Since hanging up these posters, our bedroom has been completely transformed! The ceilings look taller, and the whole room looks more pulled together.

I’ve been on the hunt for some wall art for quite some time, but always found it super overwhelming. In college, I used to paint my own posters and canvases, but those days of attempted artistic ability are over 😂.

If you follow along with my blog, you know how overwhelming finding this bed was. At times, I can be so indecisive that I won’t even end up purchasing anything because I’m overloaded with choices – bizarre, I know. Seriously, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to decor! Additionally, price was a factor – some wall art can be so expensive, or just poor quality. I definitely didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on these pieces, they’re trendier prints and I know that I’ll eventually want to change them up.


So I got each of these prints from this amazing website called Desenio – it’s a Swedish brand that focuses on minimalistic prints. They have tons of trendy posters, but they also have more graphic and artistic prints for those of you who aren’t so much into the whole minimalistic trend!

Each of the prints are posters that are sold without the frame. There are tons of different ways that you can hang posters – you could choose to simply hang them up on the wall as-is, you can frame them, or you could purchase a poster hanger that the poster slides into and hangs by a string.

Since this is a Swedish brand, not all of the sizes align with the most popular American picture dimensions – while this is okay if you’re going to be hanging your posters as-is, it becomes a little bit tricky when you want to frame them. I searched high and low for frames – all of the ones that I came across were either the incorrect dimensions, or had bad reviews.

After searching for weeks, I finally thought OH DUH! Let me check IKEA – low and behold, they had them! From one Swedish brand to another, they had all of the sizes that I needed!

Keep reading to find out which exact prints and frames I purchased!





(LEFT) – Monstera One Poster
: 20x28in | Price: $30.95

(RIGHT)Monstera Three Poster
Size: 20x28in |Price: $30.95

Size: 19 3/4 in x 27 1/2 in| Price: $14.99

These two beauties are photographs of the popular Monstera Palm Leaf – a staple in many palm prints. Theres about an inch of a white border around the prints which I love. It gives them that matted look, without having to mat them! If you’re going to hang posters above the bed, I would recommend choosing two that are similar but not the same. It helps pull the look together, and make it cohesive.

The frames are so beautiful! They’re your typical gallery, poster frame. They’re matte black, with a plastic cover – the poster sits just a little further inside of the frame, giving the photo that beautiful gallery look. I love these frames! They were super easy to assemble and hang on the wall!





I ordered three smaller prints to fill the empty space next to our closet. Ever since we moved in I battled what to do with this little blank wall – it’s a tad too small for a mirror, and I can’t put a large plant there because the closet doors would always bang into it!

I love the prints that I ordered, they’re so simple yet gorgeous. I just ordered two clear, glass wall planters that I’m going to plant some succulents in! They’re going to go right in-between each of the prints. I’ll do an updated post once I get them up on the wall!


Poster | Your Mind by Desenio
Size: 8x12in | Price: $9.95

Frame | FISKBO by IKEA
Size:  8 1/2 in x 11 in | Price: $2.49

As you can see, the frame size is a slightly different dimension than the poster. I had to trim the poster by carefully cutting the top and bottom of it, folding it back and inserting it into the frame so that it would fit properly. However, you can’t even tell that I cut the posters down now that they’re showcased in the frames!


Poster | Cotton Plant, Blue by Desenio
Size: 8x12in | Price: $9.95

Frame | FISKBO by IKEA
Size:  8 1/2 in x 11 in | Price: $2.49


Poster | Breathe by Desenio
Size: 8x12in | Price: $9.95

Frame | FISKBO by IKEA
Size:  8 1/2 in x 11 in | Price: $2.49


I didn’t know how much I would love these prints until I hung them up! They seriously make all of the difference. It turns this little space into my own sanctuary where I get ready.

In college, I used to have a vanity. But since we live in a small apartment, I had to give that up! I get ready in the bathroom every single day – it’s where all of my hair and makeup products are stored. Hanging up these posters has helped make this space even more of my own little sanctuary! I’m so obsessed.


Poster | Pink Perfume by Desenio
Size: 20x28in | Price: $30.95

Size: 19 3/4 in x 27 1/2 in| Price: $14.99


Poster | Lashes by Desenio
Size: 12×16 in | Price: $13.95

Frame | Fiskbo by IKEA
Size: 12×16 in


Buying wall art doesn’t need to be expensive, if you look in the right places you can find pieces that you love at any price.

I loved my experience with Desenio, and will definitely be purchasing from them again. Since it is a Swedish company, shipping takes a little bit longer. It probably took about three weeks for me to get my items. I actually reached out to the company and inquired about them because the tracking number that I received stopped giving me updates.

I immediately got a response back from a Customer Service representative there, and she reassured me that my packages were still in-transit, but since they come from overseas, once they hit the U.S they are no longer able to track the items. Don’t be alarmed by this, this company is legit. You won’t get scammed and your posters will arrive un-harmed and rolled up in a sturdy tube.

Where have you guys gotten your wall art? Let me know in the comments below!

Why All You Need Is A (Cheap/Affordable) Headboard!


Color… what’s color?

No, but seriously. My decor style is no different than my wardrobe style… colorless and shiny 😂.  We recently got a new headboard, and if you know how indecisive I am then you know how difficult this was for me to pick out. LOL, I seriously had to shut my laptop and walk away multiple times because I was getting so overwhelmed with the choices!

I finally decided on this one from Overstock, it’s the iNSPIRE Q: Melina Tufted Grey Linen Wingback Bed. Woah that’s a mouthful! I’m obsessed with the color and was drawn to glam of the studs and grommets. I ordered a Queen size and it came out to $359.99, and then I got a coupon that reduced it a little bit more.

I wanted to outline a few helpful tips that I have for you guys, as well as my thoughts and review of Overstock!


1. Know What Style You Want.
To begin narrowing down the search process, take a look at all of the options out there and then start pairing down to the designs that fit your style and aesthetic. For me, I knew that I wanted a fabric headboard, so anything with wood was definitely out. I wanted to keep the color palette neutral (obvs 😂) and loved the pop of glam that grommets and studs gave. So that made choosing a little less overwhelming. I filtered the results on Overstock to: linen, white, grey, and black).

2. Understand The Difference Between A Bed + Headboard.
Maybe I’m the last person on the planet to get clued in on this… but a headboard and a bed are two very different purchases. A headboard is simply… the headboard. It’s just the decorative piece that you can purchase to attach to your already existing frame. When you purchase a whole entire bed you get the frame and headboard. Alright, so this made it even harder for me to find my perfect headboard – not only did I need to love the way that it looked, but having a frame that had fabric all around the bottom of the bed was a MUST. Our old bed was wood all around, and didn’t have enough room for the box spring to drop down into, so it left us with an eyesore that I had to cover with a bed skirt (yuck). As you can see in the picture below, the fabric that wraps around the whole bed makes such a difference. It adds those “finishing touches” to the bed that I love so much.

3. Shop Around – Don’t Settle For Full Price!
I always go into buying anything with the belief that just because it’s expensive, doesn’t necessarily make it good. That’s why I’m always chasing a bargain and love when I can find something that I love that’s not going to cost a ridiculous amount of money. There’s plenty of headboards out there that are $1,000+ and to me that’s just RIDICULOUS! You can easily find something that’s just as beautiful at a fraction of the price. I looked all around Wayfair, All Modern, Joss & Main and eventually went with Overstock because of the reviews. All of these websites are competitors, and some are even offshoots of each other – be smart, find a coupon and don’t pay for shipping. Cut some of the costs out of the price in order to get something that you truly want!


My Thoughts On Overstock

Personally, I loved how easy and simple the purchasing process was! Everything came in just about a week, and I was updated every step of the way through email and text message. Their customer service is amazing, easy to get ahold of and extremely amicable.

I actually ran into a small problem when I was purchasing this headboard because I ordered the wrong size… oops! At first, I ordered a full instead of a queen – a few clicks and I found their customer service number. The person on the phone was super helpful, and helped me quickly solve this issue. They knew exactly why I was calling, before I even had a chance to explain myself. This means that they looked up my phone number as they answered my call, and pulled up my order history. It was such a breeze to get things squared away.

The set up was way easier than IKEA furniture – there were only a few pieces that we had to assemble. It took no longer than 30 minutes from the point of unboxing to fully getting it set up. They actually packed pieces of the bed inside the back of the headboard underneath a velcro panel, so that they could fit all of the pieces into two boxes.

I would absolutely purchase a furniture item from Overstock again, and would recommend all of you do so as well!


PINspiration—Bedrooms That Inspire Me

For the longest time, I didn’t know what my specific “style” was when it came to home decor—it seemed to me that I liked a little bit of everything. I love pops of color, but I’m also drawn to neutral grey tones and metallics. I love anything clear, crystal and shiny that dances when the sunlight hits it. But my palette isn’t quite modern, and it isn’t full-on glam.

Then it hit me, I can LOVE both styles and mesh them together. A few Pinterest searches later, and I stumbled across the perfect blend of my two worlds: Modern Glam

So… What defines a Modern Glam style?

Neutral Color Palette
Neutrals on neutrals on neutrals—Modern Glam is defined by this monochromatic color palette. You can never have too much white, grey or black.

/♥/ via \♥\

Metallics, Metallics, Metallics
If it shines, it belongs. The shinier the better—nothing screams GLAM quite like heavy metals.

/♥/ via \♥\

Pops of Texture
Oh that furry thing laying on the floor?” No, I didn’t get a new pet—that’s just my faux fur rug. Modern Glam plays with textures, and embraces them.

/♥/ via \♥\

Hints of Soft, Feminine Colors
While neutral rules all, don’t forget about the step-sister in the corner. Soft pinks and delicate hues are often used as accent colors to break up the neutral (I know, I know who would ever want to do that?!).

/♥/ via \♥\

Iridescent Accents
Incorporate pieces that shine and dance when the sun hits them is a signature staple of a Modern Glam style.

/♥/ via \♥\

What’s your guys style? I love how everyone expresses themselves differently and has their own unique tastes.

HomeGoods Finds… And They’re GOOD


If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with HomeGoods—they opened one up in Philly back in November + I couldn’t be more thrilled 😍. I went in there yesterday with the intention to find a soap holder for the shower, got completely side tracked and walked out with tons of stuff. Shocker—not one of those things was a soap holder. Oh well, guess that just means I’ll have to venture down there again soon.


I found some pieces that I’m obsessed with—particularly the circular mirrored tray with grey iridescent jewels on it. We get tons of natural sunlight in our bedroom and I love the way they illuminate when the sun hits the jewels 😍. I have to be careful where I display things in the bedroom though—it seriously gets SO hot in there from the sun, even when it’s 30 degrees out.


I also found this beautiful faux flower ensemble in a silver mercury vase. Personally, I’m a huge fan on faux flowers, but I know that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. I think that they bring so much life and color to any room, but you’ve gotta be selective! This particular arrangement features just bloomed pink peony which is my favorite flower, ever 😍. They’re so full and colorful which help add dimension to a room.

✨ Tip: Feel the petals—make sure that they’re not too stiff. Avoid Shiny greenery at all costs–colorful flowers are usually a safer choice.

I played with these two pieces for seriously over an hour, I’m just a taaaaad particular and moved them around at least 15 times. BUT, I documented this fiasco and wanted to show you guys how one or two new pieces can really spruce up any bedroom.

First, I placed the faux flowers inside of the mirrored tray on our bedside table—this would be perfect as is, but I like to cluster my decorations and felt like this was a little naked.

✨ Tip: Multiples of 3—I find that clustering items together adds THAT much more to your decor. Each piece adds another dimension to the look. Think of it like outfits and accessories, a good outfit isn’t complete without the right finishing touches!


…So then I added this awesome green candle holder that flickers when the candle is lit and a faux succulent—I loved the color variation, but I felt like there were too many round shapes next to the square base of the lamp. Also, I needed more height variation in the mix—the candle holder and the flowers were almost identical in height and width.

✨ Tip: Play around with color! You’ll never really know how two pieces look until you put them side by side. Don’t be afraid to mix color, it usually ends up working out!


Next, I moved both pieces to our dresser—placed them side by side, and swapped out my old perfume tray for the new mirrored one. I LOVE displaying my perfume like this, not only does it let me see everything that I have, but it reminds me to use them all! I place them in height order and try to make everything symmetrical.


As for my old perfume tray? I transformed it into a catch-all for my most loved and worn jewelry pieces. I was just keeping them in this pouch that I had but I love this SO much more—I can actually see them all now!

✨ Tip: Keep it fresh! Switch your items up, and repurpose older pieces in place of your newer ones. Just because you find something that you’ve fallen inlove with, doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your old ones! Find new homes for them, and fresh ways of incorporating them into your decor.


FINALLY, I got it—the flowers were moved back to the night stand and I incorporated some other pieces that I had around the room. The heights and shapes of these were juuuuust right. The varying sizes and shapes didn’t make the square base of the lamp feel out of place.

✨ Tip: Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Metals—I know how awkward it may feel, but coming from someone like me who’s as picky as it comes, the right metals will work together. For example, the pineapple in the picture above is a dark gold color—the complete opposite of essentially everything else in our room. But it works! It’s small, not overpowering and breaks up the silver/clear that rules my color palette.


I hope this gave you guys some inspo for your own spaces! Play around with your pieces—change them up often and just have fun with it! Try different things and move them around. Some final tips that I have for you:

✨ Vary your heights—place objects clustered together that are all different shapes AND heights. This helps each piece shine on their own, an d they don’t be come lost amongst the crowd.

✨ Try Faux Flowers—seriously, give them a try! They’re not for “old ladies” if you pick the right ones. You’ll see how much they can transform your room. Bring those outdoors in, baby!

I’m still on the hunt for wall art and dresser knobs, that post will come in time once I find the right pieces! As with anything, you can’t rush it! I know that I’ll find them some day, and you guys will be the first to know!

Have any decor projects on your agenda? Share your inspo with me!