Spring 2018 Trend: Mules


They’re back baby, and I’m glad that they never left! This spring season, mules are the go-to when it comes to fashionable footwear. These beauties are from Target they’re the Women’s Kona Backless Mule Loafers in silver (they also have them in black, here).

I’m seriously so obsessed with them – they’re extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. The silver color adds a little glitz + glam to any outfit. They’re the perfect blend between casual + dressy, the go-to shoe for everyday wear.

The material is a faux-leather, and I will say that I’ve been noticing that they scuff pretty easily and are starting to form a crease where my foot bends as I walk. Other than that, they’re pretty good quality (and did I mention that I only bought them for $11.00?!)


Usually, I wear my mules with jeans. I cuff the ankles (helllllo, flood pants) and slip these babies on. I love how the silver dresses up any outfit – it adds dimension and excitement to even the most casual of outfits. You can never go wrong with a statement shoe.




Steve Madden: Rilee Horsebit Mule (On Sale For $55)
Get Them: Here.

This is the other pair of mules that I own, and I’m obsessed with them. These ones are black and a suede texture, making them more dressy and business-esque (I guess). The buckle on them is a pale gold so you can get away with mixing silvers.  I wore these puppies allllll spring, summer and fall last year – I practically lived in them.


Steve Madden: Majesta Mules (On Sale For $55)
Get Them: Here.

Okay, these may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think they’re stunning. The pattern on them is so fun, and would look amazing with an all-black outfit. Just like statement jewelry can make an outfit, statement footwear can as well.

mule-e1516557602340.jpgDolce Vita Candy Studded Mule ($59.97)
Get Them: Here.

Those studs tho 😍. Will studs ever go out of style? I hope not. I love how grungy yet simple this shoe is. The studs counterbalance the flat, almost matte leather making these amazingly plain. Did that make sense? Probably not. What I’m trying to say is that these are an every-day shoe with a little pizzaz (did someone say pizza? 🍕)

cape-robbin.jpgCape Robbin Cell Embroidered Mule ($19.97)
Get Them: Here.

I die for these. I don’t even know what the embroidered print is. Bees? Spiders? Octopus? Not too sure. All I know is that these are so weird, funky, unique and all around amazing. I love the nude color of both the suede and the embroidery. They also have them in red and black with yellow stitching.

Share your Spring 2018 footwear trends with me!

RING-in In The New Year


HEART EYES 😍 Ahhh, how beautiful is this ring you guys!

I’m a ring fanatic — I love how they make any manicure look that much better.  I usually only go for silver rings, because I think gold looks weird with my skin tone. This one was made by one of my sorority sisters, you can check out her beautiful pieces, here.


Each jewelry item is 100% custom and made perfectly for you. I picked out this vintage pink glass (my go-to nail color is pale pink & it matches perfectly 😭), it’s seriously so beautiful! In the sunlight, the glass has this dreamy haze that I can’t get enough of.

The quality, finish and craftsmanship of this piece is top-notch. I’m a size 6 on my index and middle fingers and it couldn’t be more true-to-size.

There’s something special about custom jewelry — it makes you feel like you have something that no one else has. Something that people can’t go into the jewelry store and buy. I know that the holiday season is over, but if you guys have any out-of-town friends or relatives that you’re looking to get a truly special gift for, check these out!



Refresh & Rewear—What’s Old Can Be New


As we head into the new year and move away from the spending habits that the holidays put us in, it’s important to remind ourselves that it’s not always about NEW, NEW NEW. Sure, the momentary satisfaction that we get from buying new clothes is exciting—all 5 seconds of it. And then we return home, put away our new clothes, check our bank accounts and think, “Hmm, did I really need that $80 sweater?” The answer is usually a resounding no.

In 2018, I’m making it a priority to refresh & rewear some pieces that I’ve had in my closet for years. The top that I’m wearing has been sitting on a hanger for over 3 years and I’ve only worn it once. I kept thinking, “When am I ever going to wear this again? It’s too dressy.” But I took it out anyway, put it on and remembered why I was so drawn to it in the first place.


It’s one of those tops that just makes you feel good—the cut, the color and the sequins 😍. It is dressy, and it is fancy and that’s exactly why I love it.

Top: Forever 21 (Similar Here, Here)
Leggings: Lululemon
Cardigan: H&M

Just like you can dress any outfit up with jewelry, shoes and accessories—you can dress any outfit down with a cardigan. I added a simple, cool-toned cardigan, put on some leggings & made it work.


So, I encourage you to shop in your own closet more in 2018—don’t always rush out to buy a brand new outfit for that date you have coming up. Pull out those pieces that you’ve been hanging onto for a reason, and show them more love. You’ll remember exactly why you bought them in the first place!


Good Morning, Breathe



WAKE UP—It’s Christmas! I hope you’re all enjoying your time with loved ones today, preparing to stuff yourselves with delicious food.

We opened our gifts last night… mainly because I couldn’t wait. My boyfriend surprised me with a new Yoga Mat, which is one of the best gifts, EVER! I didn’t even remember mentioning to him that I wanted a new mat, so this was quite a pleasant surprise.

I’m not a Yoga expert by any means, but I do take my health very seriously. In the mornings before work, I like to do at least 20-30 minutes of stretching after my work out—it helps me get my body + mind in the right state. Usually, I’ll lead myself in the yoga room at our apartment complex, but some mornings I’ll turn on our TV + follow along with Yoga With Adrienne right in our living room. I love her style + she makes it so easy for beginners like me! Going into the new year, one of my goals is to really up my yoga game + this mat is definitely going to help!

The Specs:
— Brand: Gaiam
— Style: Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat
— Color: Black
— Size: 68″L x 24″W x 5mm; 5lbs
— Pros: PVC/Latex Free, Latex Top Coat (to wick away moisture)
— Where To Buy: Macys, Amazon

I love the color, obviously, because it’s black—and the design on it is so simple yet elegant! It feels firm, but not too firm + is pretty thick so it supports the body as you stretch. The Latex Top Coat not only helps keep the mat dry, wicking away any sweat or moisture, but it also provides tons of grip so that you can really get deep into your stretch.

What I’m Wearing
Top: Lululemon, Cool Racerback II 
Bottoms: Lululemon, Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise)
Shoes: Addidas, Swift Run in White/Grey

I’m a huge Lululemon fan—I always get slack from my friends because of how stupidly expensive their yoga gear is, but nothing compares (in my humble opinion, obviously). Their clothes are snug, form fitting, + show off parts of your body that you want to show off. Not to mention that each piece of clothing that you buy from them comes with a lifetime warranty.

My boyfriend also surprised me with these shoes—something I absolutely wasn’t expecting but definitely needed. I’ve been rockin’ my same pair of black Nike’s for years, + I guess the people have officially voted them off the island. Every time I wear them, he says that they look like restaurant shoes… again I’m fine with #AllBlackEverything, but apparently some people aren’t. Anyway, these Addidas shoes are seriously some of the most comfortable sneakers that I’ve worn in a long time. They fully support the foot + the ankle, while also providing tons of flexibility.

Did you guys get anything this year that’s going to really help you reach your goals going into the new year? Let me know!


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that you’re all indulging yourselves in the much needed R+R that you deserve. I strongly believe in de-stressing from our day-to-day lives to take a breather, with family, friends + even yourself! For me, alone time is the key to my sanity. As outgoing + friendly as I can be, I need equal parts of silent time by myself.

I wanted to share with you some fashion finds that I recently stumbled upon. While I was *last minute* Christmas shopping, I found some great steals at one of my favorite stores, Primark! To me, Primark is like the Ikea of clothing—it has anything + everything you could ever imagine. I will raise caution though, you have to be selective when you shop here.

  1. You’re going to want to throw everything in your shopping tote because of how inexpensive it is, but it does add up if you’re not careful!
  2. Feel for the quality—does it feel durable? soft? rich in color?—although the price point is low, it sometimes means that you’re going to have to give a little in the quality department. And that’s okay! Some pieces aren’t meant to last more than one season, I usually shop for my trendier items at stores like Primark. I don’t believe in spending on fashion that’s going to *go out of style* the next season!

What I’m Wearing
— Scarf: Primark ($7.00)
— Leggings: Primark ($12.00 on sale!)

If there’s one area where Primark gets an A+ from me, it’s in their accessories apartment. You can always find cute, affordable items that are on trend. The good news is, scarves never go out of style! I love wearing them to not only keep me warm in the cold Philly winters, but to add depth to any outfit. These leggings are SO comfortable—like, I was shocked. They have a thick band at the waist that keep them from falling down, + to my surprise, they don’t stretch out throughout the day, at all! I’m living for the acid wash print on them, which is something that I don’t usually go for. I just think that it adds so much to a basic legging—just imagine if these were just plain grey… BORING! Hey, I can switch it up every now and then.

As you can see, my style is extremely monochromatic. I love light and airy colors just as much as I love my deep, dark colors (well, just black really… #AllBlackEverything). The scarf has a thin line of silver glitter running throughout it, which you already know I’m all about. If it sparkles, I’m buying it.

Hey… If all you own is white, grey and black, it makes matching and styling THAT much easier!

Let me know where you like to find your on-trend pieces, I’m always looking for new stores!